CRYO>S 3.0

We are delighted to announce that Cryo Wellness in Essex is one of the only clinics in the UK to administer effective alternatives to liposuction and other weight loss surgeries with a state of the art Cryo>S 3.0 machine.

Now known as the number one device of its kind in France, this incredible innovation uses thermoelectric cooling methods to freeze fat cells in problem areas.

The cells within subcutaneous fat tissues are eliminated during cryolipolysis, which is achieved at an extremely low temperature of -8 Celsius. The process is quick and painless, the treatment will not damage the overlying skin, and best of all, there are no side effects whatsoever.

The Cryo>S 3.0 can be used in several ways:

The Cryo>S 3.0 for Slimming

The Cryo>S 3.0 machine can be used to freeze/kill the fat cells in your desired area.

Our team will start the slimming treatment by applying heat to the problem area for up to 2 minutes. Then, once the area has been suitably warmed, a further 15 minutes of below zero temperature administered evenly to destroy fat cells. These cells will be processed by your body’s lymphatic system and will be flushed out from your body naturally over the course of the next few weeks.

Clients have reported losses of between 1cm and 2cm after just one session!

The Cryo>S 3.0 for Toning

As well as delivering incredible slimming results, the Cryo>S 3.0 machine can also be used to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite. The treatment will speed up your circulation and increase the oxygen in your blood, which in turn will boost the supply of vital nutrients to your muscle tissues and drain away those pesky dimples.

The Cryo>S 3.0 for Facials

Achieve a smoother, more youthful complexion with a Cryo>S 3.0 facial. During this treatment temperatures of around 0 Celsius is used to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A session in our Cryo>S 3.0 machine will typically last between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the area you would like to treat.

Want to experience the incredible results from the Cryo>S 3.0 for yourself? Call our friendly team on 01277 320 669 and we’ll get you booked in!