Cryotherapy for Recovery and Pain Management

Whether you’re feeling sore after training or are suffering from a localised injury, cryotherapy can be used to enhance the recovery process and help you manage any symptomatic pain and discomfort.

This fast, reliable treatment is also effective in combating joint and muscle disorders, including arthritis.

How Does it Work?

When your body is exposed to extremely low temperatures, the immune system responds by increases your white cell count, reducing inflammation. Your circulatory system reacts to the cold by kicking into overdrive, and blood flows away from your limbs and towards your vital organs.

Because your system has been tricked into "fight or flight" mode, anti-inflammatory proteins and feel good hormones are released into the blood stream. This leads to an increased metabolism and a reduction in cortisol (which is otherwise known as the 'stress hormone').

Whole body cryotherapy will aid recovery from injury and various health conditions by:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieving muscle pain
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Speeding up your recovery

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