Cryotherapy for Beauty

We all want to look our very best – but staying on top of our beauty regime can often feel like a full-time job in itself! So what if you could boost your complexion, improve your skin tone and achieve firmer, younger looking skin in just three minutes?

Cryotherapy is often used as an alternative to traditional beauty treatments and many of today’s celebrities credit their youthful looks and boundless energy to the CryoCabin.

How Does it Work?

You may have already read about the various benefits of cryotherapy for recovery, pain management, weight loss and general wellbeing. By lowering your body temperature for a short amount of time in a controlled environment, whole body cryotherapy ‘wakes up’ your metabolism, boosts circulation and thoroughly detoxifies your system. As well as reducing fatigue, improving sleep and even helping you to burn extra calories, this sought-after treatment stimulates natural cell renewal, leaving you with glowing skin and extra-strong nails.

Cryotherapy can even be used to combat the symptoms of skin disorders such as psoriasis and acne.

Just one cryotherapy session will:

  • Lessen cellulite
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins
  • Leave you with clearer, firmer, younger looking skin

If you’re keen to test the various beauty benefits of cryotherapy for yourself, all you need to do is call the team at Cryo Wellness and we’ll be happy to book you in for your first session. You can reach us on 01277 320 669.